“BUILD STUFF” is a Software Development Conference for people who actually build stuff. We bring world-class speakers, letting them share about the latest developments, trends and innovations, as well as new directions in software development. Since launching in 2012, it’s really caught on quickly.

Recognized by developers from all over Europe, international Software Development Conference Build Stuff’15 Lithuania will feature 3 days (18-20 Nov’15) of conference sessions and 2 days (21-22 Nov’15) of workshops.

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Kristoffer Rolf Deinoff

Kristoffer Rolf Deinoff is a software developer, architect, teacher, craftsman,  general enthusiast and devoted geek. He has more than a decades experience working for several companies, from small start-ups and freelance consulting to large international companies and a consulting company. Currently working as a software architect for a Norwegian company in India, he's always looking for new and better ways to solve problems, and to spread that knowledge. In his spare time he teaches webdesign and software development at an online school.

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